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Christianity rests on a profound wisdom and mystical foundation which is less widely known and understood as it could be today. Central to this is the path of spiritual development, which every Christian is called to. Our objective is to provide resources which can help to enrich spiritual lives and to enhance understanding of the mystical teachings, particularly as they are expressed in the Bible and the liturgies. 



Paschal Light reflects a journey which began many years ago in my childhood. Most of my early memories relate to a love for Christianity. However by my early teens I had begun to question the Faith. It was not that I doubted it but because I just knew there was a deeper truth, a greater wisdom, and more solid foundation to what I read in the Bible and encountered in Church. Yet none of the clergy I asked could offer any real answer. So when I left school I set off to find the answers for myself.


Along the way I have published several articles and books. A copy of my Percival Jamaica: His Life and Work can be found in the Henry Martyn Library at Cambridge University and two extracts from Meditations on the Collects were published in the Church Times. Also an article on labyrinths was published in The Lay Reader.


I was still seeking, and finding bits and pieces of what I was looking for, then I found the RATIONALE DIVINORUM OFFICIORUM. This amazing work has brought together all I had discovered, answered many more questions I had and has opened the door to even further insights.


After more than forty years of seeking I have found, and I can now share with you how the liturgies have been based on the Bible and carefully structured to nurture us on the spiritual journey. In addition, the door has been opened through which the most profound mystical teachings of the Bible can be better seen and understood.


I hope that you will join me on this journey of revelation.

Janet Gentles


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