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Setting out on the Spiritual Journey

As Christians we are all continually called to enter into a closer relationship with God through Christ. Yet many ask how exactly do we respond to this call? What steps do we take, like the Prodigal Son, to begin that spiritual journey of return to the Father? (more)

Spirituality and Attending Church

How often have you heard someone talk about ‘being ‘spiritual’? It is as if a person is either spiritual or they are not spiritual. However we are all spiritual beings, which we demonstrate to a greater or lesser extent depending on our degree of spiritual development. Spirituality is a process of growth (more)

Symbolism of the Magi

Everyone who has heard the Christmas story knows about the three wise men who came from the east. However it does not take much thought to discover that there are several major problems with it. First of all in telling it (more)

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