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Paschal Light


Q. Does mysticism differ from religion and if so how?


A. Mysticism is the flowering of religion. The mystics are those who have attained the highest level of spiritual attainment. Every major world religion has its mystics.

Q. Why do we see Christianity as having an inner as well as an outer teaching?


A. At Paschal Light we do not simply speak about the spiritual journey but also do much to explain it. Along this journey there is a significant point of awakening after which those who journey along the way come to deeper understanding and perspective than was possible before; seeing things in terms of the inner and outer helps to explain this. It can also be seen as moving on from the Way of Purgation to the Way of Illumination.


Q. Are those who have attained to the way of Illumination better than those who are still in the Way of Purgation?


A. No more than a student in the fifth year at school is better than one in the second year. Those who have entered the way of Illumination do not think in terms of being better Christians than others may be. They are fully aware that we are all growing spiritually and that a long road still lies ahead of them to be travelled. Besides if they did not have the humility to not see themselves as better than another they have not have attained to that stage of the journey.

Q. Why are some of the opinion that you should not pay for spiritual knowledge?


A. We live in a mundane world in which money is an essential part of the functioning of society. Even churches, obviously, need money. If you ago to church you are encouraged to give to the collection and in other ways financially support the church. So there is nothing essentially wrong in paying for things of a spiritual nature. The problem comes when the financial considerations begin to become more important than the teachings because it is then all too easy for the teachings to become distorted. A reasonable contribution serves to facilitate the providing of instruction.

Q. Can Christians study the Kabbalah?


A. The kabbalah is a very deep and sacred wisdom so it should not be trivialized as it so often is today and many inaccurate teachings abound. These include those of what is commonly called the ‘Christian Kabala’. The Jewish Kabbalah not only teaches advanced meditation techniques but also a methodology which opens the most profound wisdom of the Old Testament to us. When this methodology is applied to the New Testament as well as to sections of the writings of the Church Fathers many apparently enigmatic passages become clear to the understanding. So yes, Christians can study the Kabbalah.


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