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This modern translation of the Rationale Divinorum Officiorum will be a valuable resource for monastic establishments, cathedrals and all institutions where the Office is celebrated. There is a wealth of richness in this work and so few people are exposed to the Office in all its glory.


Mary Luke, CHC

Mother Superior

Community of the Holy Cross


This course was very helpful. The organization of the material was clear, and the illustration of the lectures through the photos was well done. As someone who knows quite a bit about churches, I still found much useful information here. Anyone who is planning to visit a church for any reason will be glad to have this guide.

Rev. David Kuck, PhD. (New Testament), Yale

(Exploring Churches: Gain Insights to Enhance Your Visit)


The instructor is clear and knows her topic well, gearing it to ordinary people well. It is informative and based on her personal experience. It serves as a very helpful introduction to the topic.

Rev. David Kuck, PhD. (New Testament), Yale

(Mysticism: The Apex of Christian Spirituality)


Janet Gentles has presented a very compressive course on Mysticism which may be easily understood by persons who are at different stages on the path of spiritual development as well as those from diverse religious backgrounds. She is indeed well-learned on this subject. And has been able to impart this knowledge very effectively. The course is not only highly informative but points the way for those seeking to embark on the quest for spiritual development.

MC (Mysticism: The Apex of Christian Spirituality)

An interesting beginning to understanding English churches and their history.

SG (Exploring Churches: Gain Insights to Enhance Your Visit)

The author presents her findings in a very organized, step-by-step fashion, making the content relatively easy to grasp and retain.

LC (Mysticism: The Apex of Christian Spirituality)

This is an excellent overview on the history of and symbolism evident in the architecture of Anglican churches. As a member of a 350-year-old Anglican Church and a communicant of that congregation for a number of decades I had not previously been provided with such a detailed history of our church's architecture as has been shared in this course. This course has significantly enhanced my understanding and appreciation for our rich history and will greatly support my worship experience. Our church tours will certainly benefit from this excellent information.

MC (Exploring Churches: Gain Insights to Enhance Your Visit)

Janet speaks clearly and succinctly about mysticism. She draws on many years of study but keeps the presentation simple for what is potentially a complex subject.  SG  (Mysticism: The Apex of Christian Spirituality)



Entering through the door into the mystical teachings of Christianity leads to a remarkable journey deeper into the Light and Love of God.

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