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Some years ago I attended a Lenten devotion at church. At the beginning of the service the priest explained that during the service a piece of paper and a pencil would be handed to each of us and we were to write on the paper the sins we wanted to confess.

The time came and the papers were handed out and shortly afterwards the folded papers were collected and burned. It was quite likely that some of those pieces of paper were blank. Others would have had a few brief words quickly written, and some would have had longer and more sincere admissions of errors that had been made.

A woman praying in church

Yet sitting close to me was a lady who did not take a piece of paper and so wrote nothing but shortly after they were handed out she started to sob quietly. As the process continued and the papers were burnt tears streamed down her face.

I have no idea what was troubling her, but hers was a confession from the heart and I am confident she would have found forgiveness.

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