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Do you question your faith? ‘What?’ you may ask in horror, ‘I firmly believe in Jesus Christ and have no reason to question my belief, nor should I!’ But I am sure that many people do question their belief, they have doubts, at least sometimes. They usually keep this to themselves, not wanting to seem unfaithful in the eyes of others.

Sometimes, if this questioning becomes too much, they may even, unfortunately, abandon their faith. Become unbelievers. (But once Christ has truly touched someone that person can never entirely lose their belief.)

Now I am inviting you to be honest with yourself. Can you admit that you do have questions? Doubts? If so that’s really great! I’m so happy for you! Why? Because most often questioning faith, doubting faith, is not a sign of losing faith but an indication of a growing faith, a deepening of faith. It points to a person being ready to move on beyond the basics.

Christianity is very much like a school (in fact it is a spiritual school). You teach young children in a simple way and sometimes they don’t receive the ‘whole picture’ or the ‘whole truth’ until they are a bit older. Sometimes this means when they start questioning what they have been taught.

Santa Claus surrounded by gifts

A good example which easily explains what I am talking about is Santa Claus. Children believe in Santa Claus and they are excited about him. When they get older they begin to question and to realise that he is not real and they lose their belief in him. The problem is that Santa Claus is real! He is a great symbol of love and the meaning of love. Of God’s Love. But when children discover that Santa Claus is not real no one seems to explain to them what the symbol represents.

Christianity has many. Many symbols. Symbols are the language of spirituality and mysticism.

If you would like to learn a bit more about this moving on read my post ‘Moving on from Belief.

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