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Index of John Tauler’s Sermons



John Tauler preached many sermons for those who endeavour to make progress on the spiritual journey. Each provides significant spiritual nourishment to reflect on and, as they progress through the year, they provide an excellent companion for those travelling along the Way. In order to gain the most from them they should not be quickly read and then set aside. Instead each should be read a few times and reflected on.


So, the sermon for Week 1 will be available to you immediately, the sermon for Week 2 after seven days, for Week 3 after fourteen days, and so on.


Where helpful some introductory comments have been added at the beginning of each sermon and some important points have been noted at the end. If you have any questions about something Tauler says please ask.


Week 1: True and False Spirituality Compared

Sermon for the First Sunday of Lent


Week 2: The Rudiments of Perfection

First Sermon for the Second Sunday of Lent


Week 3: Steadfastness as an Element of Devotion

Second Sermon for the Second Sunday of Lent


Week 4: Children of Abraham: True And False

Sermon for the Third Sunday of Lent


Week 5: Jesus the Focus of Divine Light

First Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Lent


Week 6: The Soul’s Festival Day

Second Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Lent


Week 7: Hearing and Bleeding for Christ

First Sermon for Passion Sunday


Week 8: Of Desiring to Be Perfect

Second Sermon for Passion Sunday


Week 9: Short Cuts to Holiness

First Sermon for Palm Sunday


Week 10: Christ’s Cleansing of the Temple of The Soul

Second Sermon for Palm Sunday 

(with many more to follow!)

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