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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Each time that we participate in the Holy Eucharist we are lifted up and brought before the altar of God. As we kneel at the altar rails to receive Him we are asked if we are ready to stand before the gates of the Holy City and often we are not yet ready. So we are told, in effect, ‘This is my body, this is my blood. Take, eat and be nourished by them. Let them strengthen you and sustain you. Carry them out into the world that my work may be continued in you.’

We remain faithful and true as we prepare the way of the Lord. We watch and we wait, we hide our doubts and fears, and seek to turn away from our sins and failings rather than encountering them and doing that which would set us free. While all along something stirs within our breast; an unknown feeling, an ill-defined emotion. He calls to us through that secret, innate desire to find, to encounter, to experience and, O to truly know, that inner joy, love and peace which can alone bring complete serenity!

Love! The great desire and consolation of us all.

Love! It is the great desire and consolation of us all. Yet we cannot truly know it, but merely its similitude, while we remain standing in the shadow of the Cross, still oblivious of the greater light of Christ.

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